"It is so easy to fall into tragedy or comedy. What is important above all is to be on the strict razor edge of the tightrope” - The Tightrope - Peter Brook


Every year we produce quality professional theatre from a broad base of classic, modern, traditional and improvised texts. Our theatre is alive, immediate and understandable. Its purpose is to entertain the audience. We hope to bring people from all cultures in Mallorca to theatre that is exciting and enjoyable. Creating shared experiences, we aim to lift the individual , both audience and actor,into moments of connection and truth.

In our first year we produced Beyond Therapy, In Finding Love, The Tempest and A Christmas Carol. This diverse first season encompassed contemporary American comedy, a prize winning witty Spanish play, a Shakespeare education project and a heart warming Christmas family musical.

The first education department production was Shakespeare's The Tempest, first performed in 1613 and a very relevant text for Mallorca four hundred years later. The Tempest is the story of a shipwreck, magic, family relationships and how it feels to be 'washed up' in an unexpected place. These underlying challenges of migration, culture shock and internationalism that suffuse The Tempest make it an obvious choice.The play was performed in English with a cast of 50.

Miranda: " How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in't!"

Prospero: " Tis new to thee!" - The Tempest Act V sc II - William Shakespeare