Education and Training are the keys to the future: A key can be turned in two directions. Turn it one way and you lock resources away; turn it the other way and you realise resources and give people back to themselves¨ - Sir Ken Robinson



Be Seen, Be Heard, Be understood - What can business learn from actors?

Actors are often inherently good communicators, but their professional challenge is fundamentally the same as that faced by any business person speaking in public, making a pitch or a presentation. They must:

• Communicate what they say with clarity and conviction

• Influence the way the audience responds to the subject being discussed

• Convince the audience that what they are saying is important

• Understand the audience with empathy and....listen

Corporate Training


ISLA self presentation courses show business training techniques as tools towards confident, effective communication.

Private Individual Session (2 hrs approx.) - 50 €

Group Half Day session (2.5 hrs approx. including coffee break) - 500 € - max. 10 people

Group Full Day Session (5 hrs approx. including 2 coffee breaks and lunch break) - 1000 € - max. 10 people

All courses include practical interactive training (presence, breathing, voice), analysis of personal presentation style and a video taped assessment of personal impact.


Great leaders are usually powerful orators. Our leadership course focusses on developing the following five attributes to dramatically improve your leadership capabilities, presentation skills and personal impact.

• Courage- Do not be afraid to challenge the status quo and challenge conventional wisdom

• Conviction- Feel strongly about your ideas and want others to know your viewpoint

• Wisdom- Know your subject matter and defend your ideas effortlessly

• Clarity- Keep the message simple, concise and easily understood

• Credibility - Ensure that you are trusted by others

2 Day leadership course - 900€ plus IVA


Whether you are a nervous, hesitant speaker or confident in your mastery of the language, our Communicating in English course will improve the fluidity and connection of your spoken English using poems and literary narrative texts to focus on:

• Improved pronunciation

• Improved rhythm

• Improved intonation

• Improved understanding

• Improved body language awareness

Initial 5 session package (aprox 1.5 hrs pr session) - 200 € individual or 2000 € for a group up to 10 people

"Life without industry is guilt, Industry without Art is Brutality." - Rushkin